Lillian Markind

posted May 16, 2012, 11:50 AM by Heidi Feller
Lillian Markind
Mom to David and Keren Naomi Lelivelt
La Valle School

I am the current PTO president and weekly classroom volunteer.  I enjoy volunteering for so many reasons.  I am able to see my children in their classroom environment - how they interact with classmates and teachers, see schoolwork or that may not come home,  and really understand their strengths and weaknesses as a student.  

But an even more important reason is that the teachers really appreciate the help.  Being able to work with individuals or small groups has only been beneficial.  Sometimes I assist children who need extra attention and explanation with reading or math.  Other times I work on more challenging concepts with children who are working above grade level.

There are other times when I simply do classroom busy work.  There is so much cutting, sorting, collating and copying that needs to be done in the classroom!  It is enjoyable to just be a passive observer while doing these things and watching the teacher interact with students.  

Volunteering has truly allowed me to be a part of my children's education.  I enjoying knowing each and every student in my child's class and watching them grow and advance.  If you cannot mange to be in the class on a frequent basis even getting in once or twice a year is beneficial.  Your children will remember and appreciate it.  
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